FEB 10

Legends have been doing rounds about Kadugannawa, a popular tourist spot in Kandy! Are you game for a few?
There are a plenty of hidden surprises in this historic town, the seat of Kandyan reign, a few centuries ago. The travelers love this destination not because of fancy locations but because of the peace and quiet that they can find. And this is not all. There is a lot to keep you engaged for at least a day. If you’re planning to stay in Kadugannawa for the night, you can make your choice from a range of suitable accommodation options as well.
Did you know that even the British invaders used the famous prophecy surrounding this town to their advantage? It was believed that the kingdom would fall into foreign hands only if tunnels are cut in through the mountain. It was a battle won before it was fought. Using their modern civil engineering skills, the British included a tunnel while building the roads in the town. This infamous tunnel stands as one of the landmarks in the town. Though there’s nothing specific to retain the interest in this town, you can take hold of your shutterbugs and make the most of an almost isolated location. There sure will be quite a number of moments worth capturing for your Kandy memorabilia!
Also a part of a trip to Kadugannawa is the tea and paddy plantations located just above the railway station, offering a refreshing change from the temple architectures that dominate the itineraries to Kandy.  


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