Kandy City

FEB 10

Ambakke Viharaya

Ambakke Viharaya

Kandy has earned the reputation of being Sri Lanka’s temple city based on the numerous temples and shrines that form an integral part, lending it a unique character. The Ambakke Viharaya or the Embekke Devale is definitely counted as one of the temples, worth more than just a visit.  The Ambakke Viharaya deserves more of exploring and admiring than just a quick glance through. Located around 8 miles from the Kandy city center, the temple offers an excellent insight into the medieval style of architecture adopted in Sri Lanka. Some of the finest examples of wood carvings can be witnessed here, for instance, the mother and child carving at the entrance. Almost every nook and corner of the temple has been embellished with exemplary wooden carvings. Among the most notable ones are those fouRead More


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