Sri Lanka golf tour packages

OCT 17
Sri Lanka golf tour packages

This is a tour specially meant for people who love Golf. Such people can avail themselves this opportunity in order to Tee off at the best Golf Courses of Sri Lanka- Colombo, Nuwara Eliya and Kandy, where the climatic conditions are so different from one another that it feels like three different countries. Along with Golf, this tour also gets you the best grade accommodation and the option of visiting some of the nature-related and cultural attractions in the neighbourhood.


Though Sri Lanka is not known to be associated with Golf in any way, it has a long history of the game dating back to as early as 1895 when the Colonial Secretary of the time, in consultation with the then Governor of Sri Lanka, offered the Alfred Model Farm-named after the son of Queen Victoria to Sri Lanka’s Golf Club. This Golf Club finally came to be known as Royal Colombo Golf Club. The country boasts of having three of the best 18-hole Golf courses that can be found in Asia.
Besides playing Golf, you are offered the additional option of visiting World and Cultural Heritage sites and other attractions in the nearby places.

Royal Colombo Golf Club
It is almost 125 years since the inauguration of Royal Colombo Golf Club. It is the second oldest after the Royal Calcutta Golf Club which was established about 175 years ago. After its reconstruction by two of the world-class architects, Donald Steel and Martin Ebert, Royal Colombo Golf Club has become a place of beauty. The clubhouse has comfortable foyers, fine dining options, a Coffee Shop called Ridgeways and much privacy.

Royal Colombo Golf Club is a 5770 m Golf course, offering challenges through its many water bunkers and hazards, which can test even the most experienced of players. The sixth hole is considered to be a treat where Golfers can encounter the Kelani Valley Train which happens to pass across the fairways.
Victoria International Golf and Country Resort

Popularly known as the Victoria Golf Club, Victoria International Golf and Country Resort is located about 40 minutes from the city of Kandy- the historic hill capital. It is nestled within the mountain range of Kandyan, a region of scenic beauty surrounded by the Victoria Reservoir.

This 517 acre golf course is the newest one in Sri Lanka. This one was designed by well-known British Golf Architects, Donald Steel and Company. The golf course is beautified with majestic coconut trees and Jak forests, undulating hillside, along with breathtaking scenery afforded by the surrounding mountain ranges and reservoir to form one of the most picturesque golf courses not only in Sri Lanka but across the whole of Asia as well. With a temperature of 20 to 30 degree Celsius, this place offers the best conditions for playing golf.
Thanks to its great ambiance, you can get completely absorbed in his game. During the breaks, you can view different species of birds, fishing cat, mongoose, deer and other animals which are found in the area.
Inside the clubhouse, you can find changing and showering facilities, a restaurant, bar, a Pro Shop, catering to the various needs of golfers, etc. Besides, there’s an area where golfers can warm up. For non-golfers also there are a plenty of recreation opportunities like a horse riding school, a swimming pool, mountain biking facilities, swimming facilities in the reservoir and taking a quite stroll along the winding pathways.

Nuwara Eliya Golf Club
Built in 1891, this 5520 m golf club is located in Nuwara Eliya, 1890 m above sea level. This golf club is beautiful with bunkers, fairways and scenic surroundings.
The Club was recently reconstructed, making a few changes in the greens and the fairways. The landscape here is amazingly spectacular for even a non-golfer. There are plenty of things that they can do to entertain themselves here. They can spend time at the bar in the clubhouse, at the dining room, or at the billiard and badminton hall. Besides, they can also go for a day trip to the World’s End, or the Horton or Town Plains, the Hakgala Gardens, etc. The restaurant and hotel offer a very friendly service.


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