Kandy Shopping

FEB 10
Kandy Shopping

Taking a trip to the second largest city of Sri Lanka would be incomplete without dedicating a day completely to shopping. It can be either the traditional handicrafts or antiques or Batiks that fill up the shopping bags as you walk out of the colorful shops lining up the streets, but one thing is for sure, the bags sure won’t return empty!
The heart of the city is definitely where you’d love to start your shopping expeditions from. And vying your attention and those hard earned pennies are several fashion studios with the latest collection of the local specialties. You can either get a souvenir for your loved ones back home or choose an exclusive piece of Batik to please your spouse – the choice is entirely yours! Jewelries and accessories with a special touch of Sri Lankan tourism imprinted on them, clothes with royal or religious motifs with a choice of prints and colors are also available here.
If you belong to the category of prolific shoppers whose aesthetic sense craves for showpieces and exclusive works of art, then taking a short trip to Lasala may be just what you need to make vacation to the island country truly memorable. A Batik Wall Hanging or a Mask or a Sculpture depicting a historic figure or one having engravings – you can make your choice according to your preferences and requirements. Also a popular choice among the travelers is the Waruna Antiques, which has a good stock of masks, jewelry, temple paintings and other popularly demanded memoirs and souvenirs.  


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