Kandy Tea

FEB 10
Kandy Tea

Hill Capital or Cultural Capital or even Tea Capital – Kandy has earned quite a few nick names, so to say!
So what role does Kandy tea, play in the historic development of tea industry in Sri Lanka? The city had quite a significant part to play in catalyzing the entire process of production as well as commercialization of tea plantations across the island nation.
Back then in the end of the 19th century, when Sri Lanka was referred to as Ceylon, Kandy made quite an impact in the international tea market – having attained the position of the administrative capital for tea growers in the country - it has carried forward the tradition ever since. Coming back from a trip to Kandy without a pack of Kandy tea in the shopping bags is something that can’t be even imagined!
What made Kandy important in the world map of tea plantations are a suitable climate and the central location, which makes it quite easily reachable from neighboring tea growing areas. All this worked wonders for this city as a tea growing major and made it a popular destination among those with a sustainable interest in growing tea as well as tasting tea!
To add to this, the city even has a hotel offering exclusive tea trails to the travelers to Kandy. And, if this isn’t enough for a tea-full trip then do remember to drop in at the Ceylon Tea Museum, which not only offers a glimpse into the historic development of tea industry in Kandy but also gives a fair idea about the entire process that contributes in churning out that refreshing taste from a green tea leaf!    


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